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The fundamental truth about a swinger's lifestyle is that he or she is free of guilt, frustration and any lament over lost love. Since the person is in it purely to give and receive sexual as well as sensual pleasure, a swinger’s lifestyle can not encompass concepts like infidelity, breaking up a steady marriage or even hurting one’s beloved partner. Both the persons involved in swinging are there by mutual consent and the whole idea will never fructify if either of them were trying to escape from a failed relationship or marriage. This is not a forced event for anyone – as you can stay away from it if you so desire. Therefore one of the essential pre-requisite to enter into the swingers lifestyle is to ensure that you are completely responsible for your actions and you are fully confident that this lifestyle will in no way jeopardize your current partnership with your husband, wife or partner.

This means that entering a swinger’s life style would essentially call for an open and frank communication with your existing partner. Understanding the fundamental needs of the other person to get into several sexual encounters with other people other than the traditional or socially-acknowledged partner, requires guts, confidence, courage and most importantly, the ability to state upfront the true intentions behind the actions.

The three common swinger’s lifestyles are: soft swinging closed swinging and open swinging. Soft swinging has nothing to do with having sex with a non-partner. This could result in accepting a couple having sex in the same room, while you are having sex with your usual partner. While this means there should be no sexual intercourse between non-partners, the reason why people would do this is to have an unusual sexual experience without having to change partners. Soft swinging is a great way to start a swingers lifestyle, since this adds to tremendous excitement to one’s own sexual act, while watching another couple enjoying themselves. Though there is no physical intercourse between non-partners, there could be touching, kissing or even oral sex provided these are mutually agreed upon by the couples concerned. Closed swinging on the other hand involves swapping partners but not having sex in the same room. Many adopt this swinger’s lifestyle for the simple reason that the experience allows them to experience a more intimate episode without any inhibitions. Closed swinging is meant for couples who have adequate experience in swinger’s lifestyle and have developed enough mutual trust and understanding. These events usually take place in large homes during parties, etc. Open swinging is all about swapping partners and both the couples having sexual intercourse in the same room or even the same bed. This is a great psychological boost for people who like to show off their sexual prowess or watch their partners in action. Open swinging also includes orgies – which again can happen in private environment or during a big party. Again recommended only for experienced swingers, this type of swinging is best where there is total understanding amongst the members of the group where each member can give shape to all his sexual fantasies and secret desires. Having sex with someone new is a great tress buster according to many and hence they adopt swinger’s lifestyle so readily. Giving vent to one’s own sexual fantasy without having any post-sex complication which might affect normal life, is one of the most compelling reasons for both men and women to take up this alternate lifestyle.

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